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The New Humanity Pledge

is a global campaign for creating coexistence on earth initiated

by Ilchi Lee with fellow Earth Citizens. 


The vision of the New Humanity Pledge is to help create 100 million Earth Citizens who make taking care of the earth their personal responsibility and priority.

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Ilchi Lee

"The choice and power to shape our destiny is in our own hands, now more than ever."

Ilchi Lee is an author, educator, and dedicated advocate for a peaceful, sustainable world. He is the founder of Body & Brain Yoga, Brain Education, and the Earth Citizen Movement. His mission is to help people create their own health, happiness, and peace and use it for the benefit of all.

Yoga Pose

Body & Brain

Body & Brain practice is based on ancient Korean philosophy of ‘Hong Ik In Gan, E Hwa Sae Gae’, which means widely benefit all humanity and the creation of the harmonious world. This ancient philosophy and mind-body practice dates back to 9,000 years ago and  it was modernised by Ilchi Lee to help manage physical and mental health of modern people.

Based on this philosophy, Body & Brain participants actively engage in the Earth Citizen Movement. We understand that the health of an individual cannot be guaranteed without the health of our mother earth. We believe that when our body and mind are healthy, and when we recover our true human nature, it is simply natural to live in co-existence with the nature and all beings.

Online Classes

Body & Brain propose practice methods to help improve health condition, manage stress and deeply connect to oneself for a happier, healthier and meaningful life. 

We offer various classes, workshop, and retreats online & offline. 

We are

Professionals at holistic wellbeing and help guide many practitioners towards improving their lives.

Body & Brain practice combines elements of various Eastern practices to enhance physical, mental, and energetic health utilising simple and powerful techniques to help you develop and strengthen your mind-body connection.

Find out more below on how we can help you start or deepen your journey of self connection and embodying the New Humanity that will create the inevitable change the Earth is longing for.

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